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Grand Canyon Escalade Opposes Outside Interests

Save the Confluence and Grand Canyon Trust are said to have paid people to protest the development of the Escalade project and the continued development of oil and coal resources on the Navajo Nation. There are also rumors of Navajo leadership taking money to take a stance against such developments and work against their own people. These actions undermine the sovereignty of the Navajo Nation to decide what is in the best interest of its people.

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Navajo Practitioners Support Escalade Project

Navajo practitioners have offered their support for the Grand Canyon Escalade Project. Contrary to what the Grand Canyon Trust wants us to believe, the GCE project has received many letters of support from traditional Navajo and NAC practitioners from the Western region of the Navajo Nation since 2012. Many of these practitioners have made prayers and offerings on behalf of the development and for the sake of their families and friends who live in the area. Here are what some had to say in support of the project: “I have found that the way of life that’s known to...

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Escalade Project Utilizes and Maximizes Navajo Human Resources

Supporters of the Grand Canyon Escalade project understand the economic conditions on the Navajo Nation. By supporting projects such as the GCE, we are supporting the empowerment of the Navajo people and projects developed in collaboration with our Navajo leaders, business people, and community members. Supporters realize there are many opportunities to support Economic Development and business creation though investing in the people. They know what the government can do to help them start businesses and be successful in creating jobs and generating revenue. These are the people the Navajo Nation should recruit for the newly created Navajo Economic...

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Conflict of interest restricts Navajo economy

Former Navajo Nation President Joe Shirley Sr. accused Grand Canyon Trust of interfering with Navajo sovereignty in an Arizona Republic article in 2009. Today they continue to spread their influence from within the Navajo Nation. The Attorney General is a long time supporter and former board member at the GCT. Also, Navajo Parks and Recreation department is working with the them to implement a Grand Master Plan for the Navajo Nation. Grand Canyon Trust was primarily responsible for closing Mojave Generating Station costing hundreds of jobs and are now looking to close down Navajo Generating Station. They also reject...

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Escalade for Water Projects

The Grand Canyon Escalade project is intended to provide a platform for economic opportunity in the Former Bennett Freeze (FBF) area. Not only will the development attract over one-million visitors per year providing 3,500 jobs directly and indirectly, but it will bring very needed infrastructure. Water is the most beneficial and important resource to bring to an area deprived of development for over 40 years. According to a recent article about the Navajo Nation water crisis, 40% of the 173,000 residents of Navajo Nation lack access to clean, safe drinking water. It affects every aspect of daily life, including...

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Escalade for Cultural Revitalization

The Cultural Center at the proposed Grand Canyon Escalade project will bring tradition, knowledge and culture to the Navajo Nation and rest of the world. It is important for world community to understand the cultural significance of the area surrounding the development site. Just in the past few years since the project was first proposed, bits and pieces of stories and history has surfaced about the Former Bennett Freeze area, there very many more very interesting stories that have still yet to be told. The Escalade project would bring the people, their stories, and, their culture together, in the...

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Escalade for Economic Sustainability

The Grand Canyon Escalade project will help provide economic sustainability to the Navajo Nation. The project will create 3,500 jobs in various industries from entry level to executive management positions. Generating revenues through taxes and developing the workforce will be major benefits to the Navajo economy and the people. Currently, the government relies on the development of mineral resources to fund its operation. This is a dangerous position for the Navajo Nation, as coal is at its lowest selling cost in decades and Peabody Energy is on the verge of Bankruptcy. Also, EPA’s Clean Power Plan will force Navajo...

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