The Grand Canyon Escalade project will help provide economic sustainability to the Navajo Nation. The project will create 3,500 jobs in various industries from entry level to executive management positions. Generating revenues through taxes and developing the workforce will be major benefits to the Navajo economy and the people.

Currently, the government relies on the development of mineral resources to fund its operation. This is a dangerous position for the Navajo Nation, as coal is at its lowest selling cost in decades and Peabody Energy is on the verge of Bankruptcy. Also, EPA’s Clean Power Plan will force Navajo Generating Station (NGS) to shut down due to the heavy carbon regulations.

Last week, Senator Carlyle Begay and the Arizona Republican Party released a video opposing the Clean Power Plan for its effect it would have on the Navajo and State economies. If they are able to stop the plan and keep NGS open for another 10-20 years, the Navajo Nation still needs a diverse economy as they will again face this situation in the future.

The Navajo Nation needs to support the Grand Canyon Escalade project and other tourism projects. Tourism has low environmental impacts and could be considered renewable as the tourist continue to visit the land by the millions year after year. The project would create opportunities for Navajo people for many decades to come.