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FAQ’s on Escalade

With the recent article in the LA Times on Escalade and then the numerous spin-off stories in other papers, blogs, and Facebook pages, I find I absolutely have to make time to address some of the most flagrant misconceptions and canards (I love that word, it means 1. a false or baseless, usually derogatory story, report, or rumor, often intentionally misleading. 2. a fabricated report. 3. a hoax. 4. a duck for eating.) about Escalade and Confluence Partners.

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Why Grand Canyon Escalade? – a response by Harley Johnson, Cedar Ridge, AZ

The most basic question regarding the proposed Grand Canyon Escalade project on the Navajo Nation in Northern Arizona has been “Why?” Why Grand Canyon Escalade, why here, why now, why on the Navajo Reservation? Harley Johnson, a resident of Cedar Ridge, Arizona and a Bodaway Chapter member addresses these basic questions in his native Navajo language in a compelling video. Editor’s Note:  Harley Johnson passed away a few months after making this...

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Navajo Supporters of Grand Canyon Escalade Speak

Navajo supporters of the Grand Canyon Escalade project speak on why they support the project in the audio links below.  Something really important that continues to get lost in all the talk about Escalade is the overwhelming support of the project by Navajo who actually live in the Chapter.  These audio clips are from local Navajo speaking in their own words and often in their own Navajo language about whey they support Escalade.  ...

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Remembering the 1956 Midair Collision at the Grand Canyon, The Confluence Played a Major Role in Recovery Efforts

I don’t know how many people remember or were even aware of the 1956 disaster at the Grand Canyon when TWA and a United Airlines flights collided in midair over the Grand Canyon, killing 128 people.  June 30 was the anniversary of the flight and there were a number of services remembering and honoring the event.  The proposed location for Grand Canyon Escalade was used as the primary recovery spot for retrieving those killed in the collision and the wreckage of the two planes.  Most of the wreckage was left at the Confluence site until 1976.  Small pieces of...

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Update on Escalade and Why We Have Been Silent for Over A Year.

I did not realize how much time has passed since my last post about Grand Canyon Escalade.  Over a year.  Confluence Partners was involved in high level negotiations with the Navajo Nation and part of the negotiation process was an agreement not to communicate about the process.  The negotiating team for the Navajo Nation was comprised of assigned representatives from NN DOJ, Economic Development, NN Hospitality Enterprise, and a DOJ retained law firm.  Looking back, agreeing to this was a bad decision because we were unable to challenge opponents of the project and keep up our outreach to the local Chapter...

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Please take our opinion poll. What is most important for Western Navajo and the people of the Bennett Freeze?

Life is full of choices.  One choice that needs to be made regards the Grand Canyon Escalade project specifically and the Bennett Freeze area of Western Navajo in general.  Is it more important to provide jobs, roads, electricity and basic social services to the areas and people of the Bennett Freeze, or saving 420 acres of desolate land near the Grand Canyon and the Confluence.  In a perfect world, we would want to have both I suppose.  But the world isn’t perfect and choices must be made.  So if you have to choose, which is it?  While there is...

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