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Developers say Escalade project at Colorado River confluence on track – Navajo Hopi Observer

Developers say Escalade project at Colorado River confluence on track   Katherine Locke Reporter FLAGSTAFF, Ariz. – According to officials with the Grand Canyon Escalade development, this project is on track to go before the Navajo Nation Council for approval in June or at the latest in July. If the project gets council approval by the end of June, and the project gets through the permitting process, the project’s developers plan to begin construction in the summer of 2015 with the goal to begin operation in May 2017. The Navajo Nation took over leasing requirements from the Bureau of...

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Looking Back and Looking Forward, Thoughts on Escalade

To me, the Navajo Nation President and Council have no choice but to formally move forward with serious consideration and examination of the project. Yes, there are many issues still to resolve, yes there is much scrutiny, due diligence and underwriting to be done. There will have to be appraisals, environmental assessments, cultural reviews, and evidence of financial capacity presented by Confluence Partners before the final green light is given. If the project proves to be unworkable so be it. But to do nothing? That would be the worst of all outcomes. But then, I come from a world of logic and reason and cause and effect, not the world of politics and emotion that this project has found itself in.

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Letter to the Editor of Navajo Times by Larry Hanks

Following is a letter published Nov. 21, 2012 in the Navajo Times Newspaper.  Click here for link. As a supporter of the suggested economic development of the Grand Canyon Escalade Project, I feel obliged to unambiguously set the record straight in reference to letters posted in the Navajo Times by Tresha Yellowhite and Daniel Peaches. Yellowhair was misleading and misinformed of the facts and there is much ill informed letters that are currently circulating that are causing much confusion, pain and uncertainty around our community. Yellowhair statements of those who oppose the confluence development do not live in the area where the proposed site...

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Navajo Nation Council Delegate Makes Fact Finding Tour of Esclade Site

NEWS ADVISORY – Monday, October 22, 2012 Navajo Nation Council Delegate Leonard Tsosie (Littlewater, Pueblo Pintado, Torreon, Whitehorse Lake, Baca/Brewitt, Casamero Lake, Ojo Encino, Counselor) made a fact finding tour today of the proposed Grand Canyon Escalde site on the rim of the Grand Canyon near Bodaway-Gap, Arizona.  Councilman Tsosie was accompanied by approximately ten local chapter residents that are in support of the proposed Escalade project.   Councilman Tsosie, also a member of the Resources and Development Committee for the Navajo Nation, has not taken a position on the project but has expressed a desire to understand all sides regarding the issue.  Councilman Tsosie said he wanted to understand the concerns of...

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Is Grand Canyon Village a Grotesque, Hideous Blight on the Grand Canyon?

I was having a Facebook conversation with a friend yesterday and my friend called the Grand Canyon Escalade a “monstrosity“.  So this got me thinking, If Escalade is a monstrosity what does that make Grand Canyon Village?  I checked on Wikipedia and according to Wiki (click here for link) “Grand Canyon Village has a total area of 13.4 square miles (35 km2), all of it land.”  They got their information from the US Census so I will go with it as accurate.  So anyway, there are 640 acres in a square mile so Grand Canyon Village is 8,576 acres.  Grand Canyon Escalade by...

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More on Sacred Sites – Where do 24,567 Rafters Go to Party?

So where do 24,657 people go to party? Why the Confluence of course! It turns out that this is a primary stopping point, and they don’t stop nearby, they stop right on the Confluence, a Sacred Site. And what do they do when they stop? Why, they hike to the Sipapu and use the Salt Trail and Swim in the Little Colorado River. We keep asking ourselves why there is no outcry by the Save the Confluencee folks. Why isn’t it OK for the Navajo to charge $40 to ride a gondola to a secure site close to the Confluence but its ok to charge $2850 per rafter so they can tie up right on the Sacred Site and party?

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Open Letter from Escalade’s Navajo Partners

News Advisory – October 9, 2012 The Navajo tribal members of Confluence Partners, L.L.C. sent the following letter today to Tom Arviso, Candice Begody and Marley Shebala of the Navajo Times; Kathy Helms, Reporter for Gallup Independent; Felicia Fonseca, Associated Press; Editor of the Nava Hopi Observer; and Editor of Indian Country Today news magazine. The Confluence Partners, LLC, has strived to inform the public on all aspects of the proposed Grand Canyon Escalade (Escalade) project in order for the People and tribal leaders to make informed decisions.  Escalade will be an international tourist destination featuring a Gondola Tramway to...

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Update on Sacred Site Desecration – Why No Outrage on This?

The Sierra Club is offering a guided hike down the Salt Trail to visit the Hopi Sipapu and the Confluence of the Colorado and Little Colorado River.  Cost is only $995 so sign up here. According to the Sierra Club website:  The Salt Trail on the Navajo Reservation is our route into the Grand Canyon and is an ancient one used by the Hopis, Navajos, Prehistoric Puebloans, and prospectors. Combining the Salt Trail with the Beamer, Escalante, and Hance trails, our days will be spent enjoying seldom-seen views of spectacular scenery unparalleled in the world. The confluence of the Little...

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