Grand Canyon Village began as a camp in the 1880′s. The Village’s cacophony of architectural styles was cobbled together by the Santa Fe Railroad, which began service to the Canyon in 1901. The development layout was done by the Railroad to accommodate train passengers, with cars and buses being an afterthought. Since its establishment as a National Park in 1907, the Village has grown into the most highly visited location in the National Park System, with over 4 million visitors per year.With this popularity has come sprawl, congestion, and outdated facilities. The Village now consists of 1,086 rentable rooms, over 1,250 restaurant seats, and 15,000 square feet of retail space built between 1905 and 1972. In addition there are over 1000 employee housing units, administrative office complexes, campgrounds, a commercial laundry and railroad facilities. The capacity of the parking lots, lodging, restaurants and gift shops is too small to accommodate visitor volume, and the pedestrian paths are long, narrow and difficult to access from limited parking areas.