Former Navajo Nation President Joe Shirley Sr. accused Grand Canyon Trust of interfering with Navajo sovereignty in an Arizona Republic article in 2009. Today they continue to spread their influence from within the Navajo Nation. The Attorney General is a long time supporter and former board member at the GCT. Also, Navajo Parks and Recreation department is working with the them to implement a Grand Master Plan for the Navajo Nation.

Grand Canyon Trust was primarily responsible for closing Mojave Generating Station costing hundreds of jobs and are now looking to close down Navajo Generating Station. They also reject the Utah Navajo Water Settlement and are the primary challengers of the Grand Canyon Escalade project and funding source for the Save the Confluence group. As an arm of the Sierra Club, the Trust continues to interfere with Navajo sovereignty without considering the jobs and benefits lost when they close plants and stop development on Navajo.

Grand Canyon Trust Native American Projects Director Tony Skrelunas is working with Navajo Parks and Recreation to implement a Grand Master Plan for the Navajo Nation beginning with the Western Agency. He advocates for the development of small local businesses such as bed and breakfast or horseback trail rides. At the same time he rejects the Grand Canyon Escalade project and does not think the project would help the local community or the small businesses who benefit from heavy traffic and visitors.

There are conflicts of interests when you have GCT board members in one of the highest offices in the Navajo Nation. There is a conflict of interest when you have GCT developing a grand master plan for the Nation. These types of conflicts have been detrimental to our leadership as we have seen the abuse of power and discretionary funds. Let the Nation decide its future for itself without the conflicting interests of outside organizations.