PRESS ADVISORY: Bodaway-Gap, Navajo Nation, Arizona October 03, 2012 4:20:00 PM

The Grand Canyon Escalade project planned for the South Rim of the Grand Canyon on the Navajo Reservation received the support of four local Navajo Practitioners. According to the Navajo Nation Office of Din4 Culture, Language, and Community Service, “the Navajo practitioner holds one of the highest honors in the Navajo family, clan, community and society. A practitioner has leadership qualities, is a counselor, and a healer with traditional ceremonial knowledge.”

The four practioners, Mr. Roger Begay and Mr. Leslie Hosteen of Tuba City, Mr. Leo Edison of Tolani Lake and Mr. Frank Nez of Coalmine Mesa all endorsed the proposed project as a needed economic boost to the Western Navajo Region while also addressing the issue of sacred prayer sites.

In his letter Mr. Hosteen states: “Our concerns for many years is finally being addressed and that is to respect, honor, preserve historical, cultural, and religious areas on or in the Grand Canyon, which has been neglected for so long.”

“We say that the Grand Canyon is sacred and should not be used as tourist attractions to make money, but in reality others are already doing that and we say nothing about it. But when our own people see an opportunity to develop some means to supplement the diminishing Tribal funds, we complain about it.”

Mr. Edison of Tolani Lake wrote in his letter: “Our land which we call “Mother Earth” is where all life and blessings come from and this propose plans for our people will be just that.”