Welcome to the Grand Canyon Escalade, a proposed tourism destination development on the western edge of the Navajo Nation reservation at the confluence of the Colorado River and the Little Colorado River. Grand Canyon Escalade’s main attraction is the “Escalade” Gondola Tramway from the rim of the Grand Canyon to an elevated Riverwalk on the Canyon floor

This website has been established so you can learn about the proposed project, find links and summaries of recent news articles, and stay abreast of current events and progress.  Get to the Bottom of It  takes you on an in-depth tour of the project and discusses its effect on the local economy, housing, employment and living conditions.  It also explores the current status of the Confluence and the impact commercial rafting and hikers are having on Traditional Cultural Sites of the Navajo people as well as addressing the issues of sacred sites and Traditional Cultural Sites of both the Navajo and Hopi.

Commercial rafters use the Confluence without regard to cultural significance and sacred status to Navajo and Hopi culture.

The Press Room contains links to recent news articles and press releases on the Grand Canyon Escalade while the Library contains reference information such as charts, maps, photographs, and renderings of the project.  The FAQ page contains frequently asked questions about the project and provides the latest and most accurate answers to these questions.  The Contact Us page allows you to ask additional questions about the project, provide comments and suggestions or make specific requests.

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