Grand Canyon Escalade is being designed to enable public access to the majestic Grand Canyon while minimizing adverse environmental impacts and preserving historical, cultural and religious areas on or in the Canyon. The Escalade gondola tramway to the Canyon floor will provide a unique and unmatched ability for the casual tourist to actually visit the Canyon floor and the Colorado River, providing an opportunity to combine awe inspiring views from the Canyon’s rim, as well as from the Canyon floor. Pedestrian friendly arcades will allow visitors to access Artisan Studios and Galleries along the Canyon rim, which will offer not only shopping but the ability to interact with Native American artists and artisans, dine at restaurants with unparalleled views, learn about the Navajo and Native Americans by touring the Cultural Center, and spend the night at a Canyon-side lodge. Green buildings utilizing native materials, living systems and site-sensitive design will make Grand Canyon Escalade a model for eco-friendly development. Centralized parking with natural landscape buffers to protect the Canyon experience will provide convenient access for autos, tour busses and mass-transportation while eliminating unsightly sprawl and congestion.