Truth Just AheadLife is full of choices.  One choice that needs to be made regards the Grand Canyon Escalade project specifically and the Bennett Freeze area of Western Navajo in general.  Is it more important to provide jobs, roads, electricity and basic social services to the areas and people of the Bennett Freeze, or saving 420 acres of desolate land near the Grand Canyon and the Confluence.  In a perfect world, we would want to have both I suppose.  But the world isn’t perfect and choices must be made.  So if you have to choose, which is it?  While there is lots of talk about rehabilitating Western Navajo and the Bennett Freeze, there is only one plan out there, and that is Grand Canyon Escalade, which is being opposed not because it won’t work, it is being opposed because it will.  And many people and groups have sided with saving 420 acres over saving the people of the Bennett Freeze.  They made their choice.  Please let us know yours by taking our online poll.