Henry Lane Born Dec. 15, 1913. 100 years old Navajo elder resident of Bodaway Gap. Former Grazing Official, chapter vice president, two term Council Delegate and earned a 25 yrs of service award to the Navajo Nation. One of Bodaway’s most recognized, respected elder and well-known verbal historian. 

“Every time someone wants to build something to move forward, there is always someone that tries to block it.”

 “When you think about it, we should consider what we want to accomplish for the Navajo Nation as a whole!”

“What would be in the Navajo’s best interest, Economic Development, jobs, advances in technology on the Reservation. Do not let this once in a lifetime great opportunity pass us. I would like to see it built in my lifetime. That is why I support the Grand Canyon Escalade Project.”

 “Furthermore, we will gain more experience plus learn new things.”

 “We will learn about the outside world on the Navajo Reservation. In other words, we will learn the white man’s advances and creativity combined with our traditional Navajo way of life and use it to our advantage.”

 “I’ve always wanted to say something pertaining to this development. Thank you for allowing me that opportunity and taking the time to listen.”